Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yellowstone - May 25, 2008

Well up early again and out by 6AM. We hit the area in which we saw the fox yesterday at about the same time. What are the odds that we would see it again? Turns out they were pretty good:
Still looking foxy

In the Lamar valley we were able to scope a grizzly with two cubs and another one further down the valley but too far for pictures. There was also a coyote that crossed the road in front of us and shot into the brush. So, we stopped to see if we could find it, but all we could find was this little guy trying to get as high as he could to also scout for the coyote:
I smell you Mr. coyote, I just can't see you

Next we headed to Tower to find Rosie. There was a huge jam just before the YS picnic area all looking towards the meadow with the small lake on the right side. As we got out of the car we could hear the occasional high pitched squeal and another low grunt. Turns out a black bear had found a baby elk. The bear had moved behind a rock and we really couldn't see him. We ran into a bunch of Y-netters on the scene but I think we missed most of the show.

With nothing to see, we decided to hike the YS picnic area trail. On the way up the trail we looked over into the meadow and could now see the black bear behind the rock, so it was still there.

This hike turned out to be great and full of wildlife. Here are some pictures from the hike:
Marmot Rocking Out
Bighorn Sheep

During the hike we could see 2 different black bears across the way at Tower and we greedily hoped it wasn't another Rosie show since we were missing it.

We could also see a group of bighorns with lambs that were climbing just below the calcite overlook:
Bighorn Family

After the hike we headed to Tower but all the bears disappeared. So, we drove back out to Lamar and saw a bunch of coyotes near hitching post. One was chasing a deer and the deer managed to escape by swimming across the river which was moving pretty good:
Thank you Acme power hooves

The day ended with beavers at confluence, Mt Goats at Pebble Creek (one with baby) and more scoped bears. Not a great picture day, but a great day none the less :)

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