Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grand Teton & YNP - May 22, 2008

Well, today was get away day as we needed to say goodbye to the Tetons and move on to Silvergate for the rest of our trip. Unfortunately, we woke up to a lot of snow but that sure didn't stop the wildlife.

Our local moose was still at the pond near the dam, but this time his setting was somewhat whiter:
Snowy Moose

We ended up seeing another moose at oxbow and a bunch of coyotes outside the Moran entrance where it looked like winter had regained its grip:
Winter Wonderland

Before heading off to Yellowstone, we had to stop at Oxbow Bend for one last look at what has to be one of the best views in the World:
Oxbow Bend

And what makes this view so good is that you can turn one way and see the above and turn another way and see this:
Oxbow Bend part Deux

The drive in to Yellowstone was uneventful and thankfully they opened the roads that had been closed the night before so we were able to make decent time. Besides a few more coyote sightings we really didn't see anything of note until we reached Tower (It was our first chance to see Rosie and the cubs so we drove straight there, but no luck). We did see our first Yellowstone Marmot though. I think we interupted his lunch:
Mmmmm Grass

The rest of the day consisted of the usual sightings in Yellowstone. We did stop to watch a black bear eathing under the YS Bridge. Is it just me, or does he look angry at the interruption?
Don't bother me, I am eating

Through out the day we were very happy to see all the new born bison after the tough winter that they had. We affectionately refer to all newborn bison as "Norman" (remember City Slickers?). We had to have seen 3 to 4 different herds all with close to 10 "Normans". They were really fun to watch. Hopefully, they will recover in the coming years:

The day ended with scoping our first wolves of the trip at Slough Creek which was very exciting but we hoped to see some close enough to photograph before the trip was over. All in all, despite the weather, it was a great day and it sure beats working!

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