Monday, May 19, 2008

Grand Teton - May 19, 2008

This was a glorious day weather wise. I actually regretted not packing any shorts. It was clear and in the 70's and just beautiful.

The day started out with a sunrise trip to Oxbow Bend where we had some good views but spotted no wildlife. So, we went off to Pacific Creek road to see if the moose and beaver were still around.

As we approached the lodge area we saw this guy as busy as a, well... beaver fixing part of the dam:

After watching the beaver for a while, we headed to the Colter Bay visitor center to see if the Rangers knew of any open trails. It turns out that only the Taggert Lake trail and the trail behind the visitor center were hikable according to the Rangers. So, we set off walking behind the visitor center which we had never done before. Let me tell you that this was a glorious walk with the sounds of osprey and geese serenading us as we stared in awe at views like this:
Colter Bay

The hike was great and we only had to dodge a few areas of snow. Well, we weren't done with hiking for the day so we set off for Taggert Lake to take another trail we hadn't taken before. It turns out that the last 1/4 mile was on snow and ice. Without walking sticks, we didn't want to risk slipping and falling on our first full day. So, we turned back. But, this hike did reveal a hidden secret in the snow:

After dinner, we returned to the Oxbow Area and saw 3 moose from the dike next to the dam. This one coorporated pretty good, albeit against a tough background:
After Dinner Moose

We ended up seeing 5 moose today which is our record to date. So, that coupled with the perfect weather, and the fact that we were able to burn off some of the Signal Mountain grub we stuffed ourselves with, made for another great day.

PS - My wife thinks the Blackberry Margarita at the Signal Mountain Lodge is the world's best drink now...

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