Monday, March 21, 2016

Costa Rica Day 4 - March 19, 2016

Two things happened overnight.  One, it rained and rained some more.  Two, the mattress somehow got harder and the pillows somehow got flatter.  I knew we should have packed our queen size 2 inch foam topper...

Despite the rain not ending until about 9AM, the early morning was really nice.  I sat out on our balcony on a hard wooden chair, that was luxuriously soft when compared to the mattress, drank some Costa Rican coffee and listened to the rain as the birds flew about undeterred by a few sprinkles.

As a matter of fact, this Variable Seedeater even posed for a picture:
Variable Seedeater

After another breakfast guessed it...pancakes, rice, beans and scrambled eggs, we headed out for another loop around the trails.  We went looking for the owl that we heard the night before but struck out.  Luckily, we found lots of other critters.

Crested Guan:
Crested Guan

Ground Anole:
Ground Anole

The pot of gold at the end of the Waterfall trail:
The Waterfall Trail

In the garden were a pair of Great Kiskadees building a nest:
Great Kiskadee

We found a Variegated Squirrel with its breakfast (what, no scrambled eggs?):
Variegated Squirrel

After lunch, we decided to hike up way to the top of the property.  The trail crossed the river twice and while I managed to rock hop across, Karen wimped out and took off her shoes and socks and just waded across. I guess that's better than having wet shoes for the rest of the trip.

The rock hopping was worth it because we saw our first Great Black-hawk and the views of Arenal were some of the best that we had seen:

The Road to Arenal


We even passed a Eucalyptus grove in really nice light:
Eucalyptus Grove

Back in the garden, we finally got good looks at a bird with perhaps the funnest name ever. The Gray-headed Chachalaca:
Gray-headed Chachalaca

Say it with me...CHA-CHA-LA-CA!

The night walk was a repeat of last night's route.  But on the way, we heard the same owl calling as last night.  This time we were able to pin point the location better and even heard a second owl calling back.  We listened to this for about 5 minutes and were able to finally get a flashlight on one of the owls.  The picture is lousy so I won't share it but we were able to ID the owls as Spectacled Owls.  Nice...!

Zebra Tarantula

The frog pond was alive again this evening with more Red-eyed Tree Frogs.  (If you don't like these little guys, look away now...):
Red-eyed Tree Frog

Red-eyed Tree Frog


"Hey, buddy!  What are you looking at!"
Three's a Crowd!

Red-eyed Tree Frog

That's a nice way to end the day.

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