Friday, February 15, 2013

Point Reyes - Feb 11 & 12 2013

Instead of gallivanting off to the rain forest in February which is our usual yearly escape, we decided to stay in the area and see some local sites.  One of our favorite Northern California destinations is Point Reyes.  So, after seeing a good extended weather forecast, we booked a cottage on short notice and took off.

On the way to the coast, we decided to stop in Tennessee Valley to look for bobcat.  We didn't end up seeing any but the hike down to the ocean and back was very nice.


Bewick's Wren:
Bewick's Wren

We also saw some Mule Deer and a Coyote that was hanging out around the horse barns.  Maybe it was looking to catch a ride?

Coyote Waiting at the Barns

After a nice visit with family, we headed off early the next day to see Muir Woods.  I don't think I had been there since an elementary school field trip back in the "old days".  We found Muir Woods very cool due to both the huge redwoods and the frigid early morning temperatures.  It's a good thing we had gloves, lots of layers and knit hats.  The woods were super quiet.  In fact, we found them TOO quiet.  We saw almost no wildlife there at all and heard very few birds.  But, hiking around in utter silence was very soothing.

Muir Woods

As a matter of fact, this Banana Slug was the only moving thing that I was able to get a good photo of the entire time that we were there although we did see a few Varied Thrush, Fox Sparrow, and Steller's Jay.

Banana Slug

After a long hike and good lunch at the cafe in the park we headed to Point Reyes where we knew we would find some critters.  We started off by cruising all the way to Pierce Point Ranch.  We saw lots of Tule Elk at the refuge and quail as well but nothing too exciting.  So, we decided to head out of the park to grab some food.  As we were leaving we were commenting on the lack of wildlife seen during the day and Karen made the comment that "was it too much to ask to see a bobcat?".  Not 2 minutes later a bobcat crossed the road and stopped long enough for a quick picture:


Ask, and ye shall receive...fantastic!

After dinner, we did a night drive and walk around the visitor center area.  We had received a tip that this was a good place to see fox so we decided to check it out.  It was a bit chilly (to say the least) and all we had to show for our cold extremities was lots of deer sightings and some Brush Rabbits as well.  But, at least we didn't strike out.

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