Saturday, May 19, 2012

Costa Rica - Day 3

It ended up raining pretty much all night, but as the sun came up, the clouds parted enough for us to take a chance on a before breakfast hike.  Since the trails were really muddy, we decided to try our luck on the main road again:

 Orb Weaver Spider
Orb Weaver

Black and Green Dart Frog
Black and Green Dart Frog

Before heading to breakfast we had four male Red-legged Honey Creepers stop by outside our cabina
Red-legged Honey Creepers

After our breakfast of G and G (I always get the Gringo Breakfast which consists of eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast  while Karen gets the Granola), we headed off to our favorite trail; Titi.  We have had amazing wildlife encounters on this trail before and it is seems to also provide the most puma sightings year after year.  While we had no puma sightings, we did find lots of other wildlife:

White-faced Capuchin
White-face Capuchin

Agouti running with breakfast

Lizard with breakfast


Black-hooded Antshrike

Black-hooded Antshrike

During lunch we had some excitement.  As we were finishing up Karen spotted a snake moving right towards us.  It turned out to be a juvenile Tropical Bird Eating Snake

Juvenile Neo-Tropical Bird Eating Snake

Right after lunch a couple walking back to their cabina spotted this larger Tropical Bird Eating Snake
Neo-Tropical Bird Eating Snake

Neo-Tropical Bird Eating Snake

We decided that today's after lunch hike would be the Golfo Dulce trail which heads out towards the beach on the other side of the peninsula from the Pacific Ocean.   This turned out to be a great choice since we had a fantastic encounter with a Northern Tamandua.  We were able to watch it tear open some ground level termite nests and could even see its tongue shooting in and out as it grabbed some tasty termites.

Northern Tamandua

Northern Tamandua

We had a great time watching the Tamandua and captured some video of the experience.

On the way back we had some nice looks at this female Black-throated Trogon.
Female Black-Throated Trogon

We also saw Spider Monkeys on this hike and 7 Black and Green Dart Frogs.

After a brief rest at the cabina, we thought about heading out again, but we could see some ominous clouds forming over the Pacific that soon grouped together to create one BIG ominous cloud. So, we stayed on the deck to watch the storm instead.  It was a good choice as this video demonstrates.
Our night hike opportunity was once again rained out.  The only critter we spotted was a marine toad that had found its way onto our deck somehow.  Interestingly enough, it must have hopped up the stairs and hopped along the side of our raised cabina for close to 30 feet to get onto the deck.  That's a lot of work so hopefully it found something worthwhile.  We didn't wait around to see what was on the menu since it had been a long first full day.

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