Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grand Teton - May 18 & 19, 2010

At 38 degrees, the weather was much warmer this morning when we left our room at 6AM. However, that was due to some pretty heavy cloud cover that obscured most views of the Tetons and threatened rain. Consequently, we spent the morning driving around looking for wildlife and we weren't disappointed.

Our morning loop to Gros Ventre and back produced lots of great wildlife encounters include a couple of bald eagles:

While this little foal wasn't "wild", it sure was adorable:

This moose was late in waking up:

This bison calf was gettin a "taste" of its new world:

Misty Hilltop:

This is Grizzly #610 which is an offspring of #399 and probably the juvenile grizzly we saw multiple times two years ago. Good to know that she is still doing well:

This Great-horned Owl is doing well also. If not for the "keep quiet" signs, we may never have found her on the nest:

The weather cleared a bit the next day for us but started out at 38 degrees once again. Before breakfast we spotted a couple moose both too far away for pictures, a bald eagle and a couple osprey. After breakfast, we decided to take a hike up to Grand View. This is another great hike that provides some grand views (Hence the name) and we had some wildlife along the way as well including a sandhill crane tending to a nest and some wood ducks.

Uinta Ground Squirrel guarding the trail head:

Blue Grouse:

After lunch, we had a nice moose sighting but it wasn't feeling really photogenic:

We finally had a nice sunset after dinner that provided some nice reflection shots of Jackson Lake and a great way to end the day:

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