Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yellowstone Report - Day 4

We saw all types of weather today; rain, sun, clouds and snow. Just what you would expect in the fall. We moved accommodations to Silvergate so we hit the Lamar Valley at first light.

Scopes were out everywhere and we quickly learned that all 21 members of the Druid pack were around. Apparently, they had chased an elk into the river and were watching it from a nearby ridge. Eventually, all 21 came out onto the valley floor and slowly made their way towards the elk that was still in the river. We watched 2 wolves through the scope as they swam across the river to surround the cow elk. We expected some action. However, the elk held its ground and didn't run. That probably saved her life. The wolves weren't interested in going after her in the river and they eventually moved down the valley.

All in all, it was an exciting experience to watch and we had never seen so many wolves at once. A great start to the day.

We ventured over Dunraven and down into the Hayden Valley. We noticed a bald eagle in a tree across the river and put the scope on it for a while. Such a pretty bird and the first one of our trip.

We continued on to the Lake Overlook with stops to look for otters at Pelican Creek, but still no luck. Patches of rain were everywhere and the view from the overlook was great:

Yellowstone Lake

We also spotted a bald eagle soaring high above us.

Back over Dunraven and a quick stop at Tower for a "bio break". Spontaneously, we decided to walk up to the campground. Up there we saw 11 bighorn on the hillside and a few bison that had occupied some of the now vacant campsites.

Since the day had been kinda of slow, we decided to go where we could guarantee some wildlife sightings. So, we headed off to Barronette for another round of "scope a goat".

On the way through the Lamar, we ran into a lone pronghorn. After avoiding the cars already pulled over, he ran towards us and leaped across the the road. I love watching them run:


At Barronette, we scoped 10 goats (including a kid) in 10 minutes. They are great fun to watch (note to selves...must go to Glacier National Park).

With the remaining light of the day, we ventured off to find moose at Elk Creek. On the way, a jam at Slough Creek made us stop. No, not wolves, it was a Grizzly instead. Pretty far up the hill but the scope brought it in large and clear. Nice...

At Elk Creek we had no luck finding moose, but we did find a rainbow:

Elk Creek Rainbow

So, the day started with wolves, ended with a grizzly, and had eagles, bighorn sheep, and Mt goats in between. Pretty darn sweet. Time to go to bed and do it all again tomorrow. :)

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